Speed Darlington insinuates he slept with his high school teacher to make it to the top; shares her photo

high school teacher

Internet sensation Speed Darlington claims he had a thing for his high school teacher even though she’s way older and he eventually slept with her to make it to the top of his class.

Sharing a photo of himself and a woman believed to be the teacher, he wrote:

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“High school teacher. I use to wanna do her even though she wayyyyy older than me I still no send I had to pass my class and if that include fucking my way to the top then so be it. lmaoooo! Pep my book bag on the right? Now can you say no to me if you was her? I come to class looking like a head Master. #Bang!high school teacher

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“The Bang Dada Dang singer is no stranger to kissing and telling on social media. He frequently shares photos of various women who he claims he had intimate relations with.

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