Chicken Rate Today in Sitamarhi

Sitamarhi Chicken Rates Today –

Get the latest daily chicken price in Sitamarhi from the below table.

Chicken Type


Rate (Price)

Chicken – curry cut, and biryani cut

1 Kg


Boneless Chicken

1 Kg


Live Chicken

1 Kg


Chicken Skinless

1 Kg


Country Chicken

1 Kg


Chicken Liver

1 Kg


Benefits of Chicken Meat

Chicken is a super food that can bring lots of good things to your body when you eat it as part of a healthy diet. It has a special kind of protein that helps your muscles grow and fixes any damage in your body. What’s cool is that chicken is not high in fat or calories, so it can help you with managing your weight. Chicken also has important vitamins like B6 and B12 that keep your brain and nerves working well. It even has minerals like zinc and selenium that make your immune system strong and help your body fight off bad things. And guess what? Chicken has something called phosphorus that keeps your bones and teeth strong. Oh, and there’s more! Chicken contains something called tryptophan, which makes you feel happy and in a good mood. Chicken is so versatile and easy to find, so it’s a great choice for everyone, no matter their age, to eat and stay healthy.

Fluctuations in Sitamarhi Chicken Prices

The prices of chicken in Sitamarhi can go up and down because of different things like how much chicken is available, what people want to buy, the time of year, how much it costs to make chicken, and how the market is doing. The area gets its chicken from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, and things like the weather, diseases, and trade policies can also make the prices change. This affects people who buy chicken, the stores that sell it, and the chicken industry. It’s important to know about these changes in prices so you can make good decisions when buying chicken.

The purpose of sharing price information on the MEOKEKE website is to help users get a general idea of the prices. It’s important to note that we don’t make any promises or guarantees about how accurate, complete, or reliable the information on the website is. We’re here to provide assistance and support, but it’s always a good idea to double-check the information yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Sitamarhi Chicken Price

1. Where can I find the latest chicken rates in Sitamarhi?

If you want to know how much chicken costs in Sitamarhi, there are a few ways to find out. You can check the prices at the local markets, talk to the people who sell chicken directly, or use a website like MEOKEKE that tells you the prices every day.

2. Do chicken prices in Sitamarhi fluctuate frequently?

Just like in a regular market, the prices of chicken in Sitamarhi can change because of different reasons. These reasons include how much chicken is available, how many people want to buy it, the time of year, how much it costs to produce, and how the market is doing overall.

3. Are these prices inclusive of taxes?

To make sure you have the right information about chicken prices, it’s a good idea to ask the person selling the chicken directly. They can tell you the exact price, including any extra money you might have to pay for taxes. The prices we see or hear might not always include taxes, so it’s important to double-check with the seller to be sure.

4. Can the chicken rates vary between different regions within Sitamarhi ?

To make sure you have the right information, it’s a good idea to check the prices of chicken in the place where you live in Sitamarhi. The prices can be different in different places because of things like how far the chicken needs to travel and how the market is in that area. So, it’s important to find out the exact prices that apply to where you are.

Stay tuned to MEOKEKE for other prices.

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