Big Boss Malayalam Winners List 2023

Bigg Boss Malayalam is an unscripted reality TV game show that airs on Asianet, an Indian Malayalam-language television channel. The show is produced by Endemol Shine India, which is now owned by Banijay. It is an adaptation of the internationally renowned reality TV franchise called “Big Brother,” originally created by Endemol in the Netherlands. Since 2018, Bigg Boss has been broadcasted annually on Asianet. The show follows the same format as other national editions, where a group of participants, referred to as “housemates,” reside together in a purpose-built house that is completely cut off from the outside world. Their activities are constantly recorded by live television cameras and personal audio microphones.

During the course of the competition, housemates in Bigg Boss Malayalam are subject to “eviction” based on public televoting. The participant who manages to stay till the end emerges as the winner, earning a cash prize. Since the inaugural season that commenced on June 24, 2018, the show has been hosted by Mohanlal. Viewers can enjoy the series on Disney+ Hotstar, accessible anytime throughout the day.

Big Boss Malayalam 2023 Winners

Akhil Marar is the winner of the 2023 Malayalam Big Boss.

Akhil claimed the prize money of Rs 50 Lakhs. Raneesha, the actress from Seetha Kalyanam, secured the position of the first runner-up for the season. The five finalists who participated in this season were Akhil Marar, Rennesha Rehman, Junaiz VP, Sobha Vishwanath, and Shiju Abdul Rasheed.

Big Boss Contestant Name


Akhil Marar


Rennesha Rehman


Junaiz VP

Second Runner-up

Sobha Vishwanath

Third Runner-up

Shiju Abdul Rasheed

Fourth Runner-up

After an intense competition that spanned 14 weeks, the Season finally reached its climax with the announcement of the winner. The renowned superstar Mohanlal, who hosted the show, took the stage to reveal that Akhil emerged as the deserving winner. The talented Reenesha secured the second position, while Junaiz VP claimed a respectable third place. Ahead of the highly anticipated finale, the show’s creators released a promotional video in which Mohanlal expressed heartfelt gratitude to the viewers for their unwavering support throughout the season. He acknowledged their dedicated viewership and emphasized how they played a vital role in shaping the fate of the contestants. The viewers have been an integral part of the contestants’ incredible journey from start to finish. 

In addition to the competition, the grand event featured a variety of entertainment for the viewers. The stage was filled with dance performances by the evicted contestants and comedy skits led by former contestants Sooraj and Noby, creating a complete entertainment package. Director Akhil Marar showcased exceptional performances throughout the season. Whether it was his humorous avatars, funny interactions with Sobha, or brilliant gameplay, he often became the center of attention. However, his anger issues and alleged misogynistic ideologies also faced strong criticism. Nevertheless, his affection towards fellow housemates was widely appreciated.

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