Cement Price in Banglore

The rise in cement prices in India can be attributed to global inflation, and this trend has also affected construction costs and homebuyers’ budgets in Bangalore. MEOKEKE provides up-to-date information on the current cement prices in Bangalore as well as the real estate market situation in the city.

Cement Price in Banglore –

Get the latest cement price in Banglore from the below table.

Cement Brand Name

Price per Standard Cement Pack

Coromandel Cement


Birla Cement 53 Grade


Ultratech Cement


Dalmia Cement


Priya Cement – 53 Grade


Priya Cement – 43 Grade


Maha Cement


Chettinad Cement


Sri Chakkra Cement


Bharathi Cement


Ramco Cement


Zuari Cement


Parasakti Cement


Penna Cement


Uses of Cement Slurry

Cement slurry, with its versatility, serves as a flexible construction material that finds application in various areas depending on the chemical additives present in the mixture. In residential construction, cement slurry is commonly employed for a multitude of purposes such as concrete slabs, foundations, driveways, repairs, brickwork, casting, plastering, and flooring. This wide range of applications makes it an essential component in building sturdy and durable residential structures.

Moreover, Cement slurry also holds significant value in commercial settings. It is utilized as temporary plugs in oil wells, making it indispensable in the oil industry. Additionally, it is employed for road repairs to enhance the stability and longevity of road surfaces. Cement slurry is also extensively utilized in the construction of building foundations, ensuring the structural integrity of commercial structures. With its adaptability and reliability, cement slurry serves as a vital material in both residential and commercial construction projects.

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